A safe place to learn & grow

Each session runs for 1 hour including time during the class to seek support, ask questions or develop relationships. We cover 5 main skills:

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A wide range of ages and development levels

Duck & Play’s mission throughout these classes is to develop positive play that is vital to your child’s development of the above 5 key areas. Including, speech and language development. For example; singing, dancing, playing dress ups, music and playing with other children.


0 – 6 months

This is the age where the snuggles, newborn smells and a gentle touch are paramount. Our program is delicately woven for your baby to start to understand this world they are now part of. Using baby massage (CIMI Accredited), baby yoga and some water time in the pool.


6 – 18 months

The new age of crawling, cheeky smiles and looking to you for recognition and support. Our Waddlers program encourages your little Waddler start exploring their surroundings and experience their 5 senses through touch, sight, smell, listening and taste.


18 months – 3 years

Oh these cheeky ducks! This is the time for challenges, walking, jumping and talking. Our Toddler program sets some challenges for these ducks to push the boundaries with kindness. They’ll explore and start to use their fine motor skills in more detail.


Developing intellectual activity through play. For example; babies will explore different objects that are hard, soft, cold + warm. Toddlers can listen for noises!

Gross Motor​

Developing coordination, muscle strength, posture and endurance. For example; babies and toddlers can build strength and coordination in the pool using an obstacle course and pool mats!

Fine Motor

Developing the coordination of small muscles in their hands controlled by their central nervous system. For example; Toddlers can scoop rice into smaller cups looking for bugs! Pre-schoolers can make pasta necklaces!

Speech & Language​

Developing their ability to take in information through the 5 senses of touch, smell, taste, see and hear. For example; babies can squish their feet into jelly!

Social & Emotional​

Develops their understanding of their feelings and other people’s feelings and behaviours. For example; teaching kindness through sharing and encouraging positive play.